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· Municipality of Lefkas - DEPOKAL (Greece)

The Cultural Center focuses on different activities:
Organizes various artistic events throughout the year: exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances, lectures, symposiums, forums, discussions etc along with other cultural and educational institutions. It is also the organizer of two historical events : the Speech and Art Events and the International Folklore Festival.

· Fédération Familles De France Moselle (France)

FAMILLES DE FRANCE is a group of 80 federations, 600 local associations who represent more than 110000 families.
Our objective is to defend the rights of the families in front of public authorities in local and national level. The Government discussions include: the recognition of the first child, the revaluation of family benefits, the recognition of older children, the father's status, parental partial pensions, care provision of young children, etc... You get legal assistance in case of problems of consumption, debt and housing.
Becoming a member of the federation organization, you can enjoy different activities of all associations of Familles de France like: gym, dancing, drawing, yoga, music, homework, swimming pool…

· Together (France)

In 2003, TOGETHER-pan-European network of youth associations was created in Metz, France. Behind this concept stays a few Europeans, convinced that they could contribute to greater international mobility, volunteerism, citizenship and participation at international level.
Every year, the network brings TOGETHER several thousand young people from different cultures through international youth exchanges, voluntary service, seminars, training courses and many activities on local level.
Together Network is working in several countries all around the world like the Czech Republic, Macedonia, Estonia, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Jordan, Palestine, Italy, Estonia, Montenegro or Guatemala

· Istituto dei Ciechi “Florio e Salamone” (Italy)

Public authority for education, schooling and welfare service for blind people, controller and protect by Sicilian region. For more than a hundred years it gives services for young, old and multiple-handicapped people who have visual problems.

· Work in progress (Italy)

Work In Progress -WIP- is a no profit organization created by a group of young people who decided to promote active participation among young people through local and European activities.
WIP promotes youth mobility, active participation through youth exchange programs for young people and between young people from different European Countries.
Active participations, International Youth Mobility, Volunteering, Active Citizenship and Fight Against Discrimination are our main Keywords with which we wish to build, day by day, a better Europe!

· PIHE- Association for Youth and Students in Partium (Romania)

The “Association for Youth and Students in Partium” was founded in spring 2007 with the aim of forming the youth community and make the young’s life better in the Partium region in Romania .
General Goals:
- the formation of a social elite capable to suit the new European necessities, the development of public spirit in the sphere of youth from Transylvania , the formation of a training system
- being open minded and to think in community on every level of the society. The organization has no attachment to any ethnical, political association or religious affiliation.
- helping the communication among the young people
- giving chance for everybody to enlarge his/her perspective and to know a wider view about several countries in Europe , about their habitants and cultures.
- our association is really opened for Leonardo da Vinci programs especially People in the Labour Market, in which we have 5 years old practice

· Asociația de Tineri din Ardeal (Romania)

We aim to contribute to the development of the communities in Transylvania by promoting the general interests of the youth through volunteer activities and non-formal education on social, cultural, sporting, environmental and recreational themes and by doing professional trainings and thus promoting active involvement of young people in perpetuating ethnic national and European values.

· Solidarity Tracks (Greece)

«Solidarity Tracks» is a non-profit and non governmental organization, promoting youth exchanges, mobility and intercultural learning on European and worldwide scale. Solidarity Tracks disseminate the value of the human rights and pursue the initiative of responsible and sustainable development.
The actions of Solidarity Tracks support individuals' personal development in relation to local sustainable development.
Our organization was established thanks to a heartfelt aspiration and cooperation of men, women and children of every age, from different regions of Greece and abroad. The ultimate goal of our organization is to understand the links which unite people, inspire us, supports the spirit for an equal and mutual development.


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