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Learning about sustainable entrepreneurship via Origami

Solidarity Track organized a training course in October 2013, which brought together young leaders and young people's educators coming form 13 European countries, including countries of the Eastern Europe and the region of Caucasus. The seminar was hold in Lefkas Island and lasted 10 days, the purpose being for the participants to exchange views, experiences and "good practices" and to develop skills & competences relative to the young people's education in the sustainable development. In the course of the seminar we organized a workshop, during which the participants created some figurines using the "origami" technique. These figurines showed concretely various ideas about linking entrepreneurship and sustainable development. At the end of the seminar the participants organized an exhibition for local citizens where they discussed about their sustainable entrepreneurial ideas.
During this training, the participants created a practical pedagogical tool concerning the education of young people in the sustainable development. This tool helped the participants to put appealing pedagogical activities to practice, enabling thus the development of the entrepreneurial spirit among the young people of their communities. This way we hope to manage both to obtain positive effects and long-term influence in their attitudes and habits and to install into the young people the knowledge of becoming a responsible businessman throughout their life.

Eco-building work camps and trainings:
Carried by Solidarity Tracks organization in cooperation with local and European youth organizations
- International Training course between 14-25th of June 2012
- Hosting Short EVS volunteers from different countries from Europe, Eastern Europe and Caucasus for 6 Weeks in June 2013.
- Organizing national Youth intuitive in November 2014 and in May 2015

92 Young people from Greece and from other countries of the world took part of above activities.
During these activities, young people learned new working methods about building an ecological cob and tools that make it sustainable, exchanged ideas and experiences on the topic of eco building and sustainability, and started a lasting partnership that enables them to plan and to take initiatives related to sustainable entrepreneurship, or to implement   activities for awareness among young people of their countries about "green building" .
During these activities they had a real experience with building an eco-home using with clay, straw and sand. With the support of specialized trainers, they built the cob walls of the home, built and installed systems that use only renewable energy sources (biogas and solar power) and created a technical and educational tool which illustrates the followed process in scientific and pedagogical way.

Training Course: How to improve the soft skills of young people through non-formal activities to develop their entrepreneurial profile
Solidarity Tracks organized a training course in Lefkas in Greece for 37 youth leaders and youth workers active in the field of non formal education, coming from 19 youth organizations, from 14 countries of E.U., Eastern Europe and the Caucasus.
During this Training course, participants exchanged views and applied methods about following and assessing the soft skills acquired by the young participants through non formal activities, they defined the soft skills that the young should improve in order   to develop his entrepreneurial profile.
During this training course, we created an innovative pedagogical tool which will facilitate the monitoring, the follow up and the evaluation of soft skills among young beneficiaries of the non formal activities mainly the beneficiaries of the “youth mobility program” and “Erasmus+” program.
Graphic facilitation
Laughter sessions

Lefkada Time bank: A good way for developing social entrepreneurship and active participation
Time Bank in Lefkas Island is a network for exchanging services and knowledge (know-how) which was established by two volunteers in 2012 and is being supported by the NGO “Solidarity Tracks”.

A Time Bank is an alternative system to money and the capitalist foundations. It forms a network of mutual exchange of services and knowledge on the scale of a local community. Within its frame, all transaction is made based on the value “time”, thus excluding the monetary value.
Every member can offer some of his/her time, under the form of services with regard to his/her skills/competences. He/she is entitled to receive other services, on a mutual basis, according to his/her needs and wishes.

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