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The first meeting took place in Lefkas (Greece) from 14th to 17th of November 2012. In those four days, the young participants from Greece, Romania, Italy and France assisted to conferences and interventions of Greek experts in entrepreneurship like Emmanuel Labithianakis or Fannis Lazaris.  
Currently, Mr. Labithianakis is pricing manager in OTE (Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation) and he was a young entrepreneur with different successful business.
Fannis Lazaris is a businessman who owns a consultancy in Lefkas that assist entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas by getting financial support from Greek and European governments.  
Also, during the meeting, the participants could meet concrete examples of young entrepreneurs in Lefkas. Kristina Pejčić, Dimitris Rompotis, Ophelie Sigg and Ioannis Mavrokefalos joined “Youth Entrepreneurs Club” and share with the participants their own personal stories as young entrepreneurs.
As well, the participants visited the municipality of Lefkas where they met with Mrs Skiada Zoi, vice-mayor of Lefkas and responsible for the social sector; Mr Aravanis Eleftherios , vice-mayor of Lefkas and responsible for financial affairs; and Mr Vikedios Nikolaos, vice-mayor and responsible for Apolonion region.
The group talked with them about the employment situation in Greece and in Lefkas and the effort that municipality is doing to fight against the unemployment.  As well, the participants had the opportunity to give some recommendation to the local politician and they proposed different measures to stimulate the entrepreneur spirit in the Island.




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