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From 9th to 12th of January 2013, a new group of sixteen young would-be entrepreneurs participated in the second meeting of Young Entrepreneurs Club organized in Baile Tusnad, Romania. During the four days of meeting, French, Greek, Italian and Romanian participants learnt about the situation of the Romanian entrepreneurship.
They met with local organization for youth like 'Green Zone’ or ‘Saint Anne Youth Center’. The first one is a green association that organizes different activities based in volunteering and related with sport or environment. Established in 2011, the main goals of ‘Saint Anne Youth Center’ are child rearing, environenment protection and promotion of the volunteering.
In addition, the participants met with several local politicians from the region. The Vice-Mayor of the town of Baile Tusnad (where the meeting took place) talked with them about the entrepreneur possibilities of this area. Also, the 27 years old politician explained the many difficulties to start a business in the region. As well, the participants visited the County Council of Harghita where they could know more about the economical, entrepreneur, demographical, etc conditions of Harghita Council and they were informed about the Creation of Sekler product (trademark and quality).
Besides of this, the youngsters spend one day in the city of Miercurea Ciuc, visiting places like Sapientia University, the Szekler Museum of Ciuc, located on the renaissance Mikó Castle and Olommadar Bar. Also, in Miercurea Ciuc, the participants met with Szabolcs Ilyés a very successful Romanian entrepreneur. He shared his experience on his business ‘RegioConsult’.



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