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Program for 3rd Meeting
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained there in
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For the Italian meeting, a group of sixteen young people met from 11th to 15th of April 2013 in Palermo, Sicily. This was the third meeting after Greece and Romania and, here, we tried to focus in the specific group of people with any kind of disability, specially blind or deaf people. We were hosted by the ‘Institute Dei Ciechi, Florio e Salamone’ in Palermo.There, participants shared activities and daily moments with local youngsters with special needs.
During the four days of meeting, participants visited the facilities of the Institute where blind people live, study and find other kind of support. Also, they visited the ‘Professional school for blind people, Florio e Salamone,’ where blinds learn to develop a profession in order to go into the labor market.
Also, participants had time to enjoy Palermo city. Two tours were organized to show to participants some of the important parts of this Italian city like ‘Politeama theatre’, ‘the Cathedral’, ‘Maximus theatre’, ‘Chapel of Palatina’, ‘San Giovanni Degli Eremiti’ or ‘Mondello beach’.
During the different workshops, the participants could discuss about the needs of people with disabilities and how we, as society, can involve them in entrepreneur projects.
In the group of participants, we have two different groups with different disabilities. In French group were deaf and Italians were blinds. For this reason, the communication was an important issue in this seminar. The entire group learnt history and basic communication in Braille alphabet and sign language.
With this experience, we tried to open the mind of those who don’t believe that disable people can be part of the entrepreneur world. We hope that this exchange between disable people and people without disabilities enriched both groups and that it allowed normal people to understand better the life of people with disabilities.

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